The scams haven’t gone on summer vacation



The scams haven’t gone on summer vacation, episode 1:
Here’s a little taste of what has been going on in the Knesset these past couple of days:




The government has no brain

The government has no brain. During the last couple of years, a new fashion seems to arise at the government offices – hiring out- sourced consultation companies that will plan the policy for them. It is called “out- sourcing” or, in other words: brain privatization.
At first, these companies would only hand in reports to the decision makers. As time went by, the government offices became so dependent upon them to the point where they have started to make the decisions themselves. And so, at office meeting not only civil servants are present, but also representatives of companies which have clients with other intrests.
What happens is, that the same company that advises the ministry of housing, is also working for Arison’s company “Shikun Binui”. Moreover, the same company that advises the ministry of finance is advising banks “Leumi” and “Hapoaalim”. So who’s making sure that these companies are representing the public’s interests and not their other costumers?
It is not clear.
Because the governments’ offices did not bother to check the outcomes.
They use tens of millions of shekels of the public’s money to hire expansive private consulting companies that will do the thinking for them and will plan policies on their behalf. But they don’t seem to think it is necessary to supervise the results of this.
My team has been investigating this issue for weeks.
We found, amongst other things, millions of shekels that were transferred to private companies to – get this – write the tender for contacting other private companies. This is just another thing that the government does not know how to do on its own. They privatized the privatization itself.
We found employees in government offices that have told us that after many years of working along a private consultation company, the office will not be able to do its job without the out- sourced company. They won’t be able to make simple decisions.
As I exposed the information regarding this issue in the transparency comity this week, the representative of the ministry of finance had said that she has not heard of this data. How could she? The office that is supposed to run the state’s budget had never bothered to check, nor did they think to publish to the public the tens of reports it has gotten from a consulting company.
And thus, our government remains brain-less. Without any knowledge, without gaining any experience, without having any strategic or planning abilities. I am going to deal with this issue over the course of this position and I will figure out how we can fix this situation.
For those who don’t know yet, I always attempt to keep you guys updated in real- time of what goes on in the comity, right here on my Twitter account. This allows to ask questions, and even inform us with some further information that can promote the discussion. You are all welcome to join us on twitterי




This week at the finance comity- where did all the money that was promised to go to the stabilization of the north go?

If the government’s promises were worth any money, the situation at the periphery would have been great. The government goes on and on about the periphery. The minister of culture claims that she is the minister of the periphery, the minister of education is the minister of the periphery, the minister of internal affairs said he will hand back his keys if the periphery would not be taken care of. Only in the periphery there is no apparent change.
What had the government promised?
18 billion shekels, yearly spread, which will be invested in the north
What was done?
Well, as the residents of the north had looked at the draft of the budget, they were surprised to see that they were not included in it.
Instead of keeping their promise, that was very photogenic during press conferences, the government stated that a comity will be founded. We all know what ends up happening when a comity is being founded. By the way, it wasn’t even founded yet.
What happens in reality? The investment of the north’s welfare services is the lowest in Israel. It also has the lowest number of hospitalization beds per person- 1.6 beds for 1000 residents. Many residents of the north are being transferred to hospitals in the center in order to undergo medical procedures. The unemployment rate in the north gets up to 50% higher than in the center, and even when one finds a job, the average wage is 40% lower than in the center. The investment that goes into the field of education is also lower than in the center. Public transportation is impossible to use for people who need to get to places on time (many of them take the risk of taking a lift just to get to work or school every day). All that being said, the monthly rent is taking off. There is no budget for culture, and aside from private initiatives, there is no support for employment development.
But the government must think that the residents of the north can pass on budgets and services in returns to… words
Instead of budgets, services and reforms, this government is handing out promises.
I have met with the young group that is leading the initiative “changing direction” along with the students’ association of Tel Hai in Kiryiat Shmona. They have had it with the empty promises of this government.
Most of all they would like to live here. They dream of starting a family and allowing it to have the amazing quality of life that there is right here, on the northern border of Israel, but they feel that they won’t be able to keep it up much longer. At the end of the day, great views and some fresh air can’t pay your rent.
Netanyahoo is the prime minister for almost a decade now. A decade of empty promises. Just recently we saw how brave he can be when he wanted to humiliate one of his ministers and to power play within the Likud, if only a little bit of that power and creativity would be invested towards the citizens. That is his legacy- big words and small politics.
The residents of the north deserve a great future around here. I have turned to the ministry of internal affairs in order to understand what was done in regards to the plan of stabilizing the north, and having not being answered I turned to the chairman of the finance comity, Moshe Gafni, demanding to have an urgent discussion in regards to this issue.
I promise to work hard in order to make sure that there won’t be any other discussions in regards to the state’s budget without bringing up this subject. This coming budget, Bibi and his government must realize that you must pay for promises you don’t keep.



The scams haven’t gone on summer vacation, episode 2

The scams haven’t gone on summer vacation, episode 2:
Mendelblit should be forbidden from handling the Netanyahu investigation.
Had you been told that in a far away land, somewhere in Africa, it was suspected that the president and his family received bribes, but the decision as to whether he is indicted rests with a person that only a couple of months earlier worked as a secretary of the republic, and was intimately close to the president – you would suspect a stitch up.
It sound more like an episode of House of Cards than a serious legal process
But it is not happening in never never land.

It is happening here. Now
The Prime Minister of Israel and his family have been under police investigation for a long time. The person who guides these investigations and will impact upon a decision, is the legal advisor that until few months ago was a secretary to Netanyahu’s government. A person that worked by his side in an intimate and daily basis, in a political office, that required total trust. It is hard to believe that a binding personal relationship was not formed.
Now everyone wants to ignore this.
We are simply to forget the prior relations, with the hope that they will forget them as well.
It is no secret that the prime minister is hard at work crushing the justice system and disarming its door keepers. He does this by means of handing out jobs and personal appointments, imposing fear and damaging the democratic process.

Bibi’s objective is personal: to weaken the whole system and strengthen his position.
This situation is dangerous.
The borders between the allowed and the forbidden are blurred, the legal review systems are collapsing, and Netanyahu’s personal powers are being used for his own good, which damages the Israeli public.

The legal advisor to the government is immersed in this situation. On one hand, an honest and serious person, that surely wants to do his job well. On the other, a person who is in a long personal relation with the subject of the investigation. For years to which he was a subordinate, and was pushed by him into his current position.
Mandelbit is in an impossible situation. Any citizen who reads the headlines in the newspapers will wonder if there is a conflict of interest. Where else is it possible that something like this can happen?
I approached the legal advisor to the government and requested he drops the investigation into Netanyahu and his family. It is appropriate that he does so. There are enough capable legal attorneys in the offices of the legal advisor and the solicitor general. Surely one can be found who was not closely associated with the subject of the investigation for years, and can handle the case instead of him.
This is about corruption and we cannot accept another dodge of the law by Bibi. No citizen should be above the law. The matter is even more severe when the subject is the most senior position in government.
I do not know personally the legal advisor Avichai Mednelblit. From what I hear he is an excellent lawyer, a serious and an honest men. I call upon him here and now – do the right thing, distance yourself from this case.



the Budget rearrangement Law- Again the poor is short changed.

75 million shekels is the amount the Ministry of Education will chop from the after-school activities of children with low socio- economic status in the coming state budget. The minister of education decided to take from the pockets of the most hard up families in the state. 75 million shekels that will now be paid by parents who make less than 3000 shekels a month and cannot afford to buy their children clothes.
A budget investigation committee that I formed a couple of moths age found this cut. It was hiding among 463 pages of the new Budget rearrangement Law.This is another cruel edict, among many others, that appear in the small print of the law. The Budget rearrangement Law is one the Treasury Department loves most – because it totally skips the proper process of enacting laws in the Knesset and avoids public discussion that may abort such horrible and wrong edicts.

This time it will not work for them. You are invited to hear my interview on the subject with Rino Tzror on Galei Zahal. It you want to join my budget investigation team and fight with us for a just budget, sign up here:

We need you – join us in the fight for our home

One of the tasks that I took upon myself when I decided to go into politics, was to bring with me many more action people who were willing to work hard to change the status quo. With this important task I am roaming the land and meeting thousands of older and younger people who are not willing to give up on our future here.
In Kibbutz Nachal Oz, near Gaza, which was badly hit during “Operation Protective Edge", an amazing military preparatory school was formed. I have met young males and females who postponed their military service for a year to come and strengthen the region, to volunteer, to study and prepare themselves for a leadership position in military and civilian life. Their choice and all those who serve in Shnat Sherut and the students of the military schools in the country, is the Zionism of our generation. I encourage you go and visit there, it will give you a lot of hope



A year and its curses are over, and a new year with its blessing is upon us.

Shortly the holidays will be upon us, and we will reflect upon our past year, and look at what was, and what can be better. This was not a simple year; not from a security, social, or political perspective. I wish us all that the coming year will be a year of change that will bring us a safer and better future. I plan on working my hardest to make this happen, for you. I invite you to join me, through our strength in working together, we can do everything to change this year and the coming year for better.
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May we have a good and sweet year.
Full of action and true partnership.


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