2015 Election



Tomorrow, Israel will hold elections for the 20th Knesset. I will stand alongside Zionist Union head Bougie Herzog as he faces off with Netanyahu and the stagnant status quo of his government. In the moments just before the election, I wanted to share with you some of what I’ve been talking about in the lead up to them. Below are some of the interviews I’ve done with the English-speaking press; I hope you read and share. Help us give a final push for the Zionist Camp on email, Facebook and Twitter


After a speech I gave about Zionism the Knesset floor (please watch and share here – with English subtitles) I was interviewed by NPR’s Public Radio International. Their story was about the vision I expressed in that video, and what we all want and need in Israel — a politics of hope, a politics of equality, a politics of peace. You can read the article or listen to the five-minute radio clip here.

I also spoke with Steve Inskeep of NPR’s Morning Edition (on Purim!). He asked whether I was concerned about the future of Israel. “Of course,” I said. I told him that I am deeply concerned about whether Israel is heading into a future of peace and security — which would mean separation from the Palestinians, reaching an agreement and ending the conflict — or if are we headed towards a future of isolation from the international community, a future in which we hold on to territory no matter what, and eventually lose our Jewish majority. Listen to the clip – or read the article – here.

Finally, here are few longer profile pieces: one that got a bit personal in the Jewish Daily Forward (here), one that focused on the budget transfers I’ve been tracking by Haaretz (here, with English video), and one that went deep into much of the work that I’m doing by the Editor in Chief of The Times of Israel here.

Here’s Zionist Union Victory in 2015!



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