The government promised 18 billion shekels to the Galilee and the Golan two years ago. It allocated not a single shekel (!) in the current budget that would make good on this promise. We will not let the government pass the budget without the money due to the North!
**Zero** shekels to the north.
I went to the Galilee to meet those who so rightfully deserve this money.
I met the students, whose chance of finding a full time job is negligible. There is no industry to speak of up north.
I met the mothers and fathers who have to be on the road eight hours a day to provide for the medical care their children need. There are no doctors up north.
I met the farmers who are blackmailed by grocery store marketing agents and hounded by the increase in the cost of water. There is not government support up north.
I had hoped to reach these wonderful people via public transportation. But there aren't too many busses up north.
So I hitchhiked!
I will not let this budget pass without getting the people of the north that which was promised them.

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